One To Another

“One To Another” comprises 52 hand-turned clay bowls and 52 matching hand-carved spoons. It is the result of an artistic process that took several years and is now being presented. Each bowl and spoon is numbered from 1-52 and is therefore unique. The objects are numbered chronologically according to when they were made. The number 52 is related to the weeks of a year. By assigning the bowl and spoon according to the numbering, different pairs are created that are linked to each other via the chronological production process.

The presentation of the work “One To Another” is a short-lived intervention, as all spoons and bowls can only be viewed together for a short period of time. Anyone who wishes to purchase a spoon with the corresponding bowl is allowed to take it with them immediately. In this way, the viewer’s intervention constantly creates a new visual image. The social interactive exchange during the selection of the objects stands for a symbol of everyday life.

52 wooden spoons, 52 clay bowls, numbered